Moho Fits: Highlight the Details, Honor Thy Fit

I had the pleasure of doing an interview over my favorite social media platform, Instagram, with one of Mount Holyoke’s most fashionable accounts: MohoFits. This account has garnered a 654 person following in the four short months that it’s been curated for. It has been--and still is--shrouded in mystery, but hopefully this Q&A offers some insight.

Q. Why did you all start this account? What or who inspired you?

We started it because we were bored (lol). And we want to use our creative juices, but most importantly, we made it because Moho truly has a distinctive element of having students who are expressive in clothing attire. Students experiment all the time and it's so cool to see how styles have developed or are still developing from person to person. There have been similar projects that students at other LACs (Liberal Arts Colleges) are doing.

Q. Why are you anonymous? Is there only one of you managing the account or multiple folks?

We just want to focus on the people featured on the account. We are using the account as a platform to elevate students from all backgrounds. We do not want to bring light unto ourselves. Also, the anonymity is fun!  

The latter! It’s a few of us--close friends, though a lot of people help us from time to time.

Q. What do you all look for when choosing who to focus on?

We try to approach people organically. We started by seeking features of close friends, but now we just walk up to people, get a conversation going, and do a shoot. It’s really fun and spontaneous.

Q. How do you choose to style yourself? Where do you draw day-to-day fashion inspo from and what's your favorite fashion trend (past or present)?

We love baggy, loose-fit seen in clothing these days. The Skater and House Music trends are cool too, especially when you see how they’ve influenced and transcended through clothing. You would be surprised by who the real originators of street style are. We love timeless pieces--pieces that look like art.

Q. Do you all have a favorite celeb Instagram account?

Baby Meia, Bianca Valle, and Chris Chann are favorites. We love skaters, lots of multi-ethnic fashion models, artists, musicians, and young creatives. Brands like Noah, Wales Bonner, and Dion Lee are favorites. We also love Grandma’s Closet, haha. Neo-Soul and gender-bending music are go-tos for our sonic pleasure. We share broad ranging influences which is important.

Q. What have you learned from this project?

It’s extremely enriching and exciting to meet new people. You kind of forget that people have their own stories and identities, and in doing this account we get to really meet Mount Holyoke students of our current time and get to look back at the account in 30+ years and see how much culture and norms have shifted.

Make sure to follow MohoFits on Instagram at @mohofits

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